So what have I done, anyway?

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This was a side-project started after seeing the awesome interactive resumé of Robby Leonardi. It was the first time I'd seen a CV that really did something new and unique, and I wanted to see what I could accomplish. As such, it is ever-evolving, and will be periodically updated with new content or performance improvements.
The adventure is built entirely using DOM elements: no canvas, no libraries (except JQuery). Just pure fundamentals and more than a few clever tricks to build a smooth and stable experience.
Latest version: 2.0.0 (2017/07/12 -> CHANGELOG)
Local Line
Stack: AWS -> Django -> REST API Layer -> AngularJS
Local Line gives local food suppliers the tools they need to better run and understand their business. It is a full-featured CRM, order management, and online sales and reporting tool built with coding best-practices and user experience at the fore.
As the sole front-end developer at the company (September 2015 - September 2017), I worked with the talented Matthew Magdales (Designer) and Mahfouz Al-Sheikh (Back-End Developer) to build a comprehensive platform addressing a wide range of customer needs, including in-depth analytics and public profiles optimised with the latest in SEO.
Note: In the intervening years, the app has changed sufficiently that it is no longer representative of my contributions to the project. I have left this portfolio block temporarily while I consider the best way to proceed with a redesign of the portfolio page to showcase relevant projects in a more reliable manner.
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