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Created to showcase mastery over basic HTML and JavaScript. A game with a few tricks up its sleeve, but no canvas to speak of! Can you reach the end?
This is a side project that I come back to periodically, though with my growing responsibilities -- both personal and professional -- that has been less often than I'd like. You can safely assume that this will always be a work in progress.
A digital shadow play created as an anniversary gift for my wife. Just sit back and enjoy the show!
There was a time that I was trying my hand at creative writing in a more structured capacity. These exercises were collected on the above blog for (admittedly, very few) people to enjoy at their leisure. If nothing else, it showcases my fluency in the English language and my penchant for thinking outside of the proverbial box, but hopefully there will be some pieces that inspire you!
A small flash game created in partnership with Brittany Devoe with the intention of reducing the stigma associated with mental illness.
Since Adobe stopped supporting flash as of 2020, you'll probably need a third-party plugin installed to actually play said game.
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